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Cerebral palsy is a group of diseases that affects a person's ability to move and balance their body. This motor dysfunction can commonly occur in kids even before birth. The primary reason behind this disease is abnormal brain development before birth which affects the overall working of the body. Due to this disease kids usually develop much more relatable disorders too such as seizures, vision problems, hearing issues as well as speech issues other than this kids may also develop changes in the spine as well as joint issues. If you detect any such symptoms in your child you should contact your doctor immediately. Cerebral Palsy is very common these days as it is found in many children these days, in India, there are very less facilities available to treat this dangerous disease. Cerebral palsy is of many different kinds, so of them are listed below. These categories are based on the basis of malfunction in the working of joints -


Dyskinetic cerebral

Ataxic Cerebral palsy

Mixed cerebral palsy

work process

Early Signs of Cerebral Palsy

In babies younger than 6 months

  • His head lags when you pick the baby up when he is laying on his back.
  • The baby feels stiff.
  • The baby feels floppy.

In babies older than 6 months-

  • The baby will not be able to roll in either direction. 
  • Will not be able to bring his/her hands together. 
  • Can only move one hand while keeping the other hand fisted.

In babies older than 10 months-

  • Crawling in a lopsided manner
  • keeps Hopping on knees 
What we do

True Healthcare For Your Family

We are Jaipur’s renowned physiotherapy providers, and our faculty and doctors specialize in providing the best services in the field of rehabilitation and personalized medical care. We are well known for providing treatment for Cerebral Palsy. We are the first one to provide this service in Jaipur. Physiotherapy Hospital in Jaipur is a rehabilitation facility that aims to renovate the effort and functioning of the body part of a separate body that is precious by illness, injury, or disability. Physiotherapy helps people in injury prevention, physical rehabilitation, health, and fitness. and rehabilitation hospital is the best physiotherapy treatment in Jaipur, A physiotherapist helps you to recover soon.  Our surgeon and doctor is a well-eminent Senior Experienced Physiotherapist Dr. Avtar Doi is known for his incomparable, outstanding performance in the field of Medicine and Health and social responsibility towards young children suffering from mental and physical ailments. It is noteworthy that Dr. Avatar Doi has made his mark not only in the Jaipur district but also in the surrounding districts and states with his services and is very popular. Many national and international physiotherapy organizations have honored and certified the iron of the medical system in his working style. It is a matter of great pride for the Jaipur district that Dr. Avatar Doi is rendering his services in himself-established Relief Physiotherapy Hospital in 40 bands in the last 12 years and has benefited thousands of patients mainly with cerebral palsy (no physical development). A successful attempt was made by Dr. Avtar to give a new life to the children of H.B. Dr. Avtar Doi is continuously working through philanthropy to help small children and patients related to cerebral palsy and ortho and neurological disease to live an efficient life.


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Years of experience

Dr. Avtar Doi (P.T) feeling great honor to introduce re-life rehabilitation centre with a aim to increase the quality of life by using all advanced technologies to give you a pain free life. Re-life (Rehabilitation Hospital) is a Hbot Therapy, Physiotherapy, Slimming Therapy & Beauty Therapy clinic which is first its type hospital launched in Rajasthan- Jaipur.
Dr. Avtar Doi (P.T.) working from last 12 years, served patients successfully.

At Relife Rehablitation Hospital, we don’t just work, we also learn as we do it and without a doubt have fun doing it as a result of this, working at Relife Rehablitation Hospital is knowledge one looks advancing to rather than just a work one reports to each morning. This pleasing and inclusive philosophy has joined well for us over the years and will continue to do so.
That’s why, when a physiotherapist joins us, it is like our family has a new addition. We have always believed in the power of the human potential and consider our staff members our greatest assets.


Best Physiotherapist in Jaipur with the growing age, our body goes through multiple physical changes. People face Hobe density, increase body fat, muscle strength decreased, joint problem, and many more. All these problems directly affect older people. This does not mean young people do not have this sort of issue. But the percentage of older people the more. For them, physiotherapy has become the most important part of their life. Now physiotherapy hospital in your town. The Relife Rehabilitation. One of the best physiotherapy clinic in JaipurWe at Relife Rehabilitation are pleased to provide all types of treatment expertise to our patients. Our expert team is always ready to provide HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY (HBOT) treatment. Dr. Avatar Doi is the best Physiotherapy in Jaipur.


A physiotherapist listens to patients’ needs and expectations and works together to plan the most appropriate treatment for their individual situation and help prevent injury. and Physiotherapists do some exercise daily to their patients, it gives quick relief.

Some diseases may result from human injury, sports, excessive use of mobile or laptop, or post-operative symptoms and/or physical deformities of a disease. and physiotherapy is a type of treatment method in which physiotherapy method is used to cure physical pain, physical strength, functionality, speed, etc. helps to relieve physical pain of human through physiotherapy.

we are top physiotherapist in jaipur our Doctors are specialized in providing personalized medical care, rehabilitative therapy, and companion assistance. We provide the best physiotherapy services with utmost love and care to our patients. To make you feel better is our prime job. Physiotherapy Hospital in Jaipur is a rehabilitation science that targets to renovate the effort and functioning of the body part of a separate that is precious by illness, injury, or disability. Physiotherapy helps people in injury prevention, physical rehabilitation, health, and fitness. and rehabilitation hospital is the best physiotherapy treatment in Jaipur, A physiotherapist helps you to recover soon. you can hire Top Physiotherapy Clinic in Jaipur.

Physiotherapy is not partial to the rehabilitation of injury and the effects of disease or disability, but physiotherapist also offers education and guidance for health promotion, disease, and injury deterrence.

Our Mission

The prime mission of Re-Life Rehabilitation Clinic is to be loved generally for the care we do of our patients and to become a trusted name in the field of health care. Our prime Moto is to improve your health so that you can live your life to the fullest.

Our Expertise

Neurology Physiotherapy, Cardiology Physiotherapy, Orthopedic Physiotherapy, Pediatric Physiotherapy, Prosthesis Physiotherapy. We provide treatment for back pain, joint pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, cerebral palsy, paralysis, strock.


Loss of function in the brain can be either due to tissue swelling, which is reversible, or tissue destruction, which is not reversible.


Superiority and brilliance in patient care are first and leading at Relife Physiotherapy Centre in Jaipur where we treat orthopedic, neurological, Cardiac, pediatric and more. Our promise is to do the best we can to get you back to your high level of action in a minimal quantity of time. Our best therapists are skilled professionals in neurology, orthopedic, cardiopulmonary, sport injury, women wellness, Weight loss, aged rehabilitation.


  • Khetan Hospital, Jaipur
  • Sparsh Hospital, Jaipur
  • Dr. Atul Child Hospital, Jaipur
  • Maxima Heart Hospital, Jaipur

RELIFE REHABILITATION Clinic is associated with other district Physiotherapy Centre & Hospitals (Ajmer, Udaipur, Bhilwara, Kota, Jodhpur, Sawai Madhopur, Dausa, Bharatpur, Alwar, Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Churu and other States- Haryana, MP, Gujarat, Punjab, UP)


  • Master OF PHYSIOTHERAPHY- Pediatric from Himalayan University.
  • BACHELOR OF PHYSIOTHERAPHY from Rajeev Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore in 2009.
  • DISASTER MANAGEMENT COURSE from National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences, Bangalore in 2009.
  • “ESSENTIALS OF PHYSIOTHERAPY IN LEPROSY” training from Schieffelin Leprosy Research and Training Centre in 2008.
  • Course of MANUAL THERAPY.
  • Course of Cupping THERAPY.
  • Dr. Avtar Doi (P.T.) is a hard-working & dedicated best physio in the field of pediatric neurology & orthophysiotherapy. During his bpt program & Two & half years of work experience after that, he has seen lot of children suffering from a variety of neurological disorders primarily like cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, autism spectrum disorders, hydrocephalus, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, etc. He also treats adults suffering from neurological disorders like stroke, tbi, spinal cord injury, Parkinson ’s disease, & various peripheral neuropathic disorders.

    In which Patients are treated with pure OXYGEN, so that it get mix with blood’s liquid part (Plazma), CSF Fluid,Lymph and bones so that blood circulation get increased by 30 to 40 %. Which open the blockages or increase the supply of blood properly to all parts and cure section speedy.